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Raytheon Neco Model 17DR8 12VDC Mechanical Drive Unit Service Report

Raytheon Neco Model 17DR8 12VDC Mechanical Drive Unit (4 1/2 Shaft Turns) with a 13 Tooth Sprocket which @ 17.5 RPM would give You a H-O-H-O less than 3 1/2 Turns depending on the Size of Your Wheel Sprocket/Location in Steering System. And, in the End, Best H-O-H-O should be about 15 Seconds for an Autopilot.

Pictures Below are of Intake of a NECO Heavy Duty 1/8 HP Compond Wound Electric Motor Drive Unit for Rebuilding & 'MAYBE' Modified Conversion to be USED with Autopilots or Electric Steering Applications other than NECO Autpilots ...  Conversion NOTES  Available! 

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Raytheon Neco Model 17DR8 Mechanical Drive Unit Raytheon Neco Model 17DR8 Mechanical Drive Unit Raytheon Neco Model 17DR8 Mechanical Drive Unit Position Sesor and Limit Switches For NECO Pilots ... Remove For Remote RFU Use 12vdc Relays and Wired Supression Board Relays and Wired Supression Board ... Cover & Case/Sides Enclosure Part Removed Clutch Brushes Wired ... Still Installed in Relay Box Base Plate Motor and Series Shunts and Clutch Brush Wired ... Note Motor Wires Come Thru Base Plate Motor and Series Shunts Wired and Clutch Brushes Ring Terms 2 Cluch Brushes ... Note 4 Allen Bolts to Attach Relay Box Base Plate to Gear Box Gear Box Inside ... Motor Worm Gear Gear Box Inside ... Clutch Assembly on Left Side (12 & 24VDC Different) Gear Box Inside ... Note 2 Holes Under Relay Box Base Plate w/Clutch Brushes Removed Very Good Motor Brushes ... Viewed Out of Brush Holder Motor Brush in Holder ... Held in Place w/Tension Spring Motor Removal ... Note Worm Gear Algnment for Re-Install Motor Removal ... Note Worm Gear Algnment for Re-Install Motor Removal ... Note Weight of Motor on Bolts for Re-Install Motor Removal ... Note Gear Box Position & Align Motor on Bolts THIS Way for Re-Install Motor Bearing Plate Number ... 12,24 & 32VDC Motors Same Size Gear Box Sprocket/Gear Shaft with 3/16 Keyway ... Motor Worm Gears Thru Pinned EXAMPLE SHIPPING via USPS Large Flat Rate Priority Box ...Gear Box Apart From Motor Inside Plus Relay Box Cover & Case Part  Note Motor Gasket For Re-Install 5/8" Shaft with 3/16" x 1" Keyway ... Note Shaft Seal RFU Worm Gear (2 Sizes Made) ... Shaft Seal, Bearing & Gasket ... Note Shaft Seal - Bearing Extension Ring Drive Side Shaft Bearing ... Note Shaft Seal & Attached Gasket 


 You can Use Your Existing NECO 692 Autopilot with the Above 12VDC Mechanical Drive Unit  (After Rebuild) or Use Above Mechanical Drive Unit Modified to Operate with a Different Autopilot.  This Unit can also be Modified to be USED as a Power Steering System ONLY w/Portable Hand Remote Dodger (Available Below)?

ABOVE DRIVE Available AFTER Rebuild For $1,600.00    Retails $3,500.00

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One of the Following Rudder Feedback Units can be Used as a Remote Sensor ... Required to Improve Operation When Drive Unit Not Used with a NECO System!  (Intergal Shaft Sensor & Limit Switches are Removed from Drive) or  When Acceptable, to Replace a NDU35 Drive (9 Shaft Turns). This Method can Adjust Torque on the Rudder Steering System as well as Speed H-O-H-O.




 1 100RFB  NECO Rudder Feedback Unit w/Limit Switches (New w/Cables & Hook-Up Linkage) For $450.00    Retails $750.00 Neco RFB100 Rudder Feedback Unit Neco 100RFB Rudder Feedback Unit Open Neco Colvern Sensor   


Contact Us via 'Admiral Log' Form (below) for the Following RFU w/Limit Switches ... Comes with Universal Sensor Used for Most Non-NECO Pilots!

1 HD-101LS-RFU  'ONCOURSE MARINE' Heavy Duty Rudder Feedback Unit w/Limit Switches (New, Custom w/Cables & Hook-Up Linkage) For $500.00  ...  Retails $750.00


ALSO Available ..

1 1033087-151 Raytheon NECO MK3 Compass "Bowl Only" w/Short Pigtail Cable For $300.00 (Used in VG Cond, I Will Include Base but Needs 1 of the Plastic Side Screws to Mount & Gimbal)  Neco MK3 Compass - No Bracket



1 510-136  Wagner RJ-2 NFU Jog Switch (Portable Remote)  (New w/30' Cable).

 Retails $275.00  ... Sells For $220.00  ... AVAILABLE For $125.00 'NOW' in 'SEA CHEST Of Treasures'

For Use With ALL Wagner Pilots & Other Manufacturer's ... Great For Power Steering Applications ... Controls Relay Box!

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