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Wagner MP320 Parts & Accessories

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Wagner MP320 Control Head (Sorry, On Hold ... Check Back Soon For Next Available Unit!)     Used MP320 Control Head #530-174 (Ex-Cond)  (Can Be Used with Micropilot... Upgrade with Adapter Cable Plugs Below)

Retail   $695.00   (SOLD ... Please check back For Next One!)   $350.00     

($75.00 Credit for RETURN of Old MP320 Control Head... If Not Water Damaged)

 MP320 Control Head's PCB Board Only #505-357R  (Rebuilt Like New... Comes with New LCD Module)

    Retail  $495.00    (1 Available Soon)   $250.00      

($50.00 Credit for RETURN of Old MP320 Control Head's PCB Board... If Not Water Damaged)


TR Box & Board... Each Sold Seperate!     MP320 TR Motor Box #530-163 w/10 Terminal Board 

(Comes with 30' Cable & 12-Pin Connector... Plus 10' AW8 Power Cable)

     Retail  $595.00       $300.00    

New (10 terminal) TR Motor Board Only #505-046B     $225.00   

New TR Motor Board BOX Only   $45.00  

Used TR Motor Board BOX Only   $30.00  

TR Motor Board 'Only' Retails New For $450.00 'OR' w/box & Cable $595.00

These Replacement TR Boards are for Most Wagner Pilot Motors / Controllers

($50.00 Credit for RETURN of Old TR Motor Boards... If Not Water Damaged)

(MP320 10 Terminal TR Motor Boards can be Used as a Replacement for the Micropilot TR Motor Board... You Cannot Use a Micropilot 8 Terminal TR Motor Board with a MP320 Pilot)

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